Lightweight travel options for writers

I belong to several writing forums and today I saw a post by someone looking for an inexpensive and lightweight travel option for a writer.

If “inexpensive” weren’t included in that criteria, I’d suggest a Microsoft Surface or a small Macbook. Both are light as feathers and impeccable machines that will run office suites and other programs a writer is likely to need. And if someone does happen to be a professional writer and the necessity for a lightweight option could come up again, I’d suggest either spending the money for a new one or looking into refurbished models like I did for my MacBook Air.

If cost is a consideration, a lightweight option like an HP Stream. This device is basically a tablet with a built-in keyboard but priced right at under $400.


Another option would be an Android tablet with a keyboard case. (iPads work, too. They’re more expensive though.) You can get free Word apps for both. I’ve even used my Kindle Fire for writing. Though, if you want to use Microsoft Word, these devices won’t run the apps. But there are several free office suites that are compatible with Word and other Microsoft products.

If you have a Bluetooth enabled device, you could even purchase a separate keyboard in anything from handheld to full-sized. Which means that you could use your smartphone and just choose to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard. It doesn’t have to be a phone-sized keyboard either. Now, this will only work if you’re comfortable with the size of your phone screen as a monitor. Simply buying a keyboard and maybe a little stand for your phone is the cheapest of all options.

Any super lightweight and inexpensive ideas you’d like to suggest?

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