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Hey everyone, I wanted to remind you about this site! Is your e-mail looking a mess? I know mine is! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to manage all the subscriptions and junk mail that comes into your email address with just one click?

Well, Unroll Me thinks so too! They’ve created an e-mail manager that helps you get a handle on your inbox. ┬áThe service is available for Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live, Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud. The last time I used it to clean up my e-mail, I removed over 300 subscriptions that were junk, or no longer useful to me. ┬áSince I was going to use it again to help manage my out of control inbox I thought I’d remind all of you about it too!

When you’re ready to sign up, click Get Started. You’ll be given the option to sign in with Google, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, or with another email provider. Or you can download the Unroll Me app for your iPhone or Android smartphone. After agreeing to their terms, just fill in your e-mail address. Next click continue. If like me you’re using Gmail, you’ll have to tell Google to give them access to your account, don’t worry your privacy is protected. Then give it a minute as it generates all the things you’re subbed to.

You then have the option to unsubscribe or add them to your Rollup.

The Rollup is the list of everything you’re subscribed to with the email address you’ve provided that you actually want to get, but delivered to you in a daily digestible email.

This time I cleaned up around 250 new subs from the last time I did this! It’s amazing how they pile up!

Go clean up your inbox today!



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