Watch out for this Amazon scam

I wanted to alert you to a little Amazon scam that popped up on my phone a couple of days ago. They’ve done a pretty good job of mimicking Amazon’s actual look, but this is definitely a scam delivered via a pop-up ad. Here’s what it looks like:


The ad promises that you can choose between a $1000 gift card, an iPhone, or a Galaxy phone if you take a ridiculously simple quiz. It also warns you that time is of the essence and you must take the quiz right this minute to win.


It even features “reviews” from winners.


Sound too good to be true? That’s because it’s a big, fat scam. Tapping on the answer to the quiz will likely take you right to a malicious site that will dump all manner of malware onto your phone. Don’t fall for it!  Your phone is just a vulnerable to scams as your PC. Be vigilant.


3 thoughts on “Watch out for this Amazon scam

  1. I’ve seen these before in my emails, thankfully I have never clicked on anything. I’m a rather be safe than win something kind of gal.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! While I might have avoided falling for this one, I may have been ‘caught’ on one similar.

    As it is, several scams arrive daily.. I must be on scammers current ‘ hit heavy’ list with because I get calls to house and cell phones stating that the IRS is after me so cal immediately.

    I also receive letters on authentic-looking letterhead with full company info, etc., stating that money is available if I just complete their form and return.

    Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this resource is that we share our experiences, which keeps us alert. Many thanks.

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