Create a password that’s tough to crack

Recently, I told you how the thinking on passwords has changed and that experts now say a longer sentence is better than a password with mixed numbers and letters and irregular characters. That’s all fine and good, but many sites still require at least one capital letter and numbers and limit you to twelve or fewer characters. If you need to create a password within those parameters, here’s an idea. We’ve shared this tip before, but it’s too good not to mention again. Aaron came up with this idea several years ago:

Before we start,  I’d like you to try and memorize the password below.

Password- ctfoebtmhtstgsomnccfsolp: -(1984

Seems impossible? Well, it isn’t. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to create a password that is easy to remember yet hard to crack.

Step 1- Find the lyrics of a song you really like and pick a stanza/verse from the song. Then simply choose the first letter from every word in the verse to create the first half of the password.

I’m a music lover and I particularly like old hymns. One of my favourite hymns is “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” so I chose the first verse of the song (actually half of the first verse) and used the first letter of every word as a character for my password.

“Come, thou fount of every blessing,

tune my heart to sing thy grace;

streams of mercy, never ceasing,

call for songs of loudest praise.”

Password: ctfoebtmhtstgsomnccfsolp

Step 2- Decide if the song is projecting a happy or sad emotion.

I decided that the hymn did not have a happy tune to it and so gave it sad smiley (emoticon) – :- (

Password: ctfoebtmhtstgsomnccfsolp:- (

Step 3- Add your birth year or any number you want at the end of the password.

I decided to add my birth year which is 1984 at the end of the password because it was simply easy to remember

Password: ctfoebtmhtstgsomnccfsolp:- (1984

That’s it. You now have a strong, easy to remember [yes, hard to crack 😀 ] password.


No password is completely immune from attackers. The most secure passwords are usually more than 10 characters long and use alpha numeric combinations with punctuations to confuse hackers.

To increase the complexity of your password you can capitalize the first and last letter of your password, this will increase the time hackers take to crack it.

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