Help! Web pages won’t load!

A reader is having an issue with her Internet:

“I am having a big problem with my computer for the last few days. No matter what site I am on it moves really slow, then it will only show some of the pictures for a few minutes. It takes forever for it to load now too. I have cleaned out the history, and cookies and have turned it off and back on, also ran virus software. Not sure if a new update is causing it or what to do next. Any help from you would be appreciated. I learn a lot from you but this just has me stumped. I am using windows 10.”

This sure sounds like an Internet issue to me. I don’t think your computer is slow, I think your Internet connection is. I suggest you try rebooting your router to see if that helps.

If not, try using a site like Speedtest to make sure you’re getting the full Internet connection you’re paying for.

UPDATE: The reader rebooted the router and it solved the problem.

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