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Today in “What I’m Watching” I am focusing on another South Korean drama, featured on Netflix, “Juvenile Justice.”

This drama deals with the Judges who must confront horrific crimes perpetrated by underage criminals, as those crimes are usually given lighter, probationary, and therapeutic sentences.

However, the primary Judge of the piece, Sim Eun-seok, is referred to as “Judge Max”, for giving youthful offenders maximum sentences under the law.  In a great scene establishing the overall role of Judges of the Juvenile Court System, she says, “I detest young offenders.”  Her assistant judge, Cha Tae-ju, is contrasted as much more compassionate toward his charges.   

Her character works with the other judges in seeing to the welfare of their young offenders, helping them, and encouraging them to lead a better life than whatever got them into trouble before.

In this ten-episode series, I found the dramas compelling, and the characters interesting, with a few Korean actors I recognized from other productions in primary or guest roles.

“Juvenile Justice” is a good drama that can be enjoyed in a few rounds of binge-watching.  

~Tim Mackley

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