Opera Easy Set-Up

Recently, I introduced you to the fast, secure, and free Opera browser.

Click here to get started with Opera basics.

Today, we’ll check out the Easy Setup option to customize the look of the browser. Open Opera and click the Easy Setup icon in the upper left corner.

The Easy Setup Menu will open. Start by deciding if you want a light or dark theme or want to match the look of Opera to the rest of your system.

Then decide if you want to show your bookmarks bar underneath the address bar. Here’s what it looks like with it turned on.

You can also decide if you want the sidebar menu.

You can choose to use bigger tiles on the Start page by sliding the switch to the On position. You also have the option of turning off Speed Dial suggestions and viewing News and Weather on your Start page.

If you turn on News, you’ll see news headlines on your Start page.

Under Privacy and Security, you can choose to turn on ad and tracker blocking, enable a VPN or clear browsing data.

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