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I’m very excited to tell you about this amazing free programming service. Comet TV is a channel devoted entirely to classic sci and fantasy movies and TV shows. It’s available in many areas on the secondary channels for local stations, but you can also watch it online using your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone!  It’s also available as an app for Roku, Apple TV streaming boxes, or Amazon Fire.


When you land on the viewing page, click on Find Comet in your area.

You can allow the site to detect your location or enter your ZIP Code.


You’ll be told if the channel is available to view on your cable provider or over-the-air.

Don’t worry if it’s not available over-the-air, you can watch online.

The movies are the stuff of Saturday afternoons and late-night chiller shows and the TV programs were the ones I couldn’t wait to see as a kid.

Current movies include Puppet Master, Vampire Bat, 100 Million B.C., Bubba Ho Tep, Time Bandits, and more.  The TV lineup features shows like The Outer Limits, Quantum Leap, Buffy, Night Gallery, and X-Files.

This is a live broadcast and not an on-on demand service. You can check out the available movies and shows, as well as the schedule using the menu at the top of the screen.


Click here to watch live:

To get the app for Apple TV, click here.

To add to your Roku box or streaming stick click here.

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