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A reader chimed in with some helpful password creation tips:

“Your Password creation tip is very similar to mine. As a senior and lifelong Methodist, I love their hymns, especially those created by Charles Wesley, who wrote over 8,000 hymns in his time of which 150 or so are in the church hymnbook. (e.g. Hark! the Herald Angels Sing).

To create my passwords, I choose the first line of the last verse and select the 1st letter of each word. I change the two vowels ‘o’ and ‘i’ only to numbers ‘0’ and ‘1’. I keep a small pocket-sized directory at my PC listing my passwords by just showing the hymn number from my old hymnal and the website link it refers to.

For major personal sites, like Social Security or Income Tax etc., where I prefer a longer secure 16-digit password, I use a free Password Generator at:-

It can create one of letters, numbers, and symbols. Easy to change the p/w as needed! Of course, I could use the website for all my passwords, short and long, but that would involve much more work to create and change my hard copy directory. I could also use a free storage website, but this is more fun! I don’t wish to store them in my computer! This system could also be used from other sources, depending on one’s interests, e.g. Fav Poems, Quotes, Sayings, Bible verses, Recipes, and even a line from Cyn’s books, if one records the page and line no.! The sources are endless.”

Thank you! All good tips. The only thing I would add is, don’t forget to enable multi-factor authentication!

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