Do I need to switch browsers?

A reader has a question about a message she sees when using the Google search engine:

“When I go to use to look things up, I see a security alert that says I’m not secure and need to use another browser. I am using Edge on Windows 10 and have run all of the latest Windows updates. What more should I do or do I need to change to another browser?”

I’m guessing what you’re seeing looks a lot like this:


This isn’t actually a security alert, but a suggestion by Google that you switch to their Chrome browser. Since they are the developers of Chrome, the folks at Google would rather you use their browser instead of Microsoft Edge.

Feel free to just No, not interested unless you want to give Google Chrome a  spin. If you click the Yes button, it will take you to a page where you can install the Chrome browser.

Now, sometimes a site that you visit will suggest that you switch to another browser because that site doesn’t work well with the browser you’re using. But as long as you aren’t having any issues and Windows is up-to-date, there’s no need to do anything.

One thought on “Do I need to switch browsers?

  1. I was reading the latest in my subscription emails and have a question regarding the issue of browsers and some things not working. One issue I have experienced is news type videos that appear on the page when you go to the link won’t activate? Otherwise I can’t think of any other type problem. I use Chrome so I got that message when I clicked on the link to check for update for Java. Some years back I read that Kim Komando supports not having it activated at all since the vulnerabilities are more than the advantage to having it. That would be interesting to read an extension comment of this issue.

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