How do I reach all of my FB friends?

A reader has a question about reaching out to his Facebook friends.

“How can I send to all on my Facebook. I have over 1500 friends there?”

If you want to reach all of your Facebook friends, all you need to do is make a public post on your page. Unless you have some special settings to exclude some of them, it should be visible to every single one of them that chooses to see your posts. Now, that doesn’t guarantee that they’ll see it, because a friend could always scroll right by or have posts from other friends set as their priority.

If you’re asking about sending a Facebook message, there’s no Send All function like in an email account and I’d really have to question why you’d send a message to everyone. The idea behind messages is to send them privately to select folks when you don’t want everyone to see it. I’d reserve messages to FB friends for the type of thing you might actually give someone a personal call about. There could be some types of news worth contacting everyone you know, but in most cases, I’d ask you if it’s really something that all 1500 people on your Friends list need to hear about.

But here’s how to send messages to multiple people using messaging on a browser. Click the message icon at the side and choose New Message. 

When you want to send a message, create a new one and enter the names of the group or groups you wish to send to.

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