Doxxing – cyberbullying at its worse

I’ve talked to you numerous times about being careful what you share on the Internet and how blindly sharing something could harm someone you don’t know a great deal.

This site goes into detail about a serious form of cyberbullying called doxxing. Doxxing is when groups of people decide to go after those they think are guilty of something, are bad people, or just people they happen to disagree with. They document (or dox) details about that person’s life including name, address, phone number, and where the person works or goes to school. That information is shared with the public and others are encouraged to publicly attack the person and continue to share their information. This can lead not only to embarrassment and stress on the targeted individual but in some cases serious illness or even death.  Most of the attacks are done by people who have no idea if the person they’re helping attack are even guilty of the things they’re accused of.

This helpful article explains how this form of bullying works, cites some scary examples and shows some steps to prevent it from happening to you.

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