Old Sturbridge Village

colonial style house between trees

Welcome to Old Sturbridge Village where you can explore what life was like in early New England. Use the site to plan your trip to the attraction or enjoy the amazing virtual 3D tours from the comfort of home. 

One advantage of the virtual tour is that you get the chance to explore artifacts and sites that are normally tucked away behind protective barriers. Stops on the tour include:

First up is the 1810 Asa Knight Store which carried an amazing variety of goods from common household items to silk from China. There’s also the District Schoolhouse, Pottery Shops, Freeman Farm, Sawmill, Printing Office, and a 1725 farmhouse.

Thanks to the magic of the virtual tour, you can easily navigate these historical building, switching from inside to outside, getting a look at the floorplans, viewing highlight reels, and even use VR goggles for a truly immersive experience.

There’s even an option for classrooms to set up virtual field trips! Have fun exploring!


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