Is This the End for Auto Warranty Robocalls?

man wearing brown suit jacket mocking on white telephone

We all hate those annoying robocalls warning us that auto warranties we don’t even have are set to expire. Now the Federal Communications Commission says it’s cracking down. The agency ordered telecommunications companies to block all calls coming from known scammers.

This order applies to calls coming from Roy Cox, Jr., Aaron Michael Jones, their Sumco Panama companies, and international associates. 

The order is the result of a lawsuit filed by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

According to the FCC, “The Cox/Jones/Sumco Panama operation appears to be responsible for making more than eight billion unlawful prerecorded message calls to American consumers since at least 2018.  The robocalls include prerecorded marketing messages which encouraged consumers to follow prompts to speak with a “warranty specialist” about extending or reinstating their car warranty.”

The order permitted U.S.-based voice service providers to cease carrying any traffic originating from the Cox/Jones/Sumco Panama operation.

Whether this will cut down on the calls or someone else will just pick up where these annoying guys left off, we don’t know yet. But hopefully, you’ll get fewer annoying calls.

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