Pet Loss Support

puppies playing with their owner

Anyone who has ever lost a pet knows the experience is heartbreaking, This super-simple site walks you through the grieving process and helps you deal with your loss.

This site talks about dealing with grief, how soon should you get a puppy, pre-loss bereavement, euthanasia, creating a memorial, a final farewell, and how to cope with the loss of your pet. I read all of these sections and it was amazing how much truth there was in the words written on these pages.

I highly recommend the section “Some Questions on Loss”. This section features user-submitted questions, and the answers are very thorough. It answered a lot of the questions rolling around in my mind.

If you have recently lost a pet, I highly recommend that you check this site out. If you have a pet that you know is going to that big field in the sky, you should check this site out. If you are thinking about euthanasia—this site can help you out.

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