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This site’s tagline says everything you need to know – “It’s like Google, but for podcasts.”

When you arrive at the site you’ll find a search box just waiting for you to search for podcasts to listen to! I found this site looking for podcasts that I could listen to my road trip to Massachusetts for a work conference. It’s so easy to use and lets you search for podcasts across the web!

When you arrive, you’ll find a search box, and example categories beneath it. I started with the Comedy category because I like to laugh when I drive. But I also keyword searched for history, gaming, and sewing.

When you find a podcast you want to explore, you’ll find that its page will tell you the run length of the episode, a description of what the episode is about, and where you can find the podcast to listen to!

This is a great way to find podcasts to listen to! Go check it out today!

~ Amanda

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