200,000 People Downloaded This Chrome Malware

crop cyber spy hacking system while typing on laptop

Security experts say over 200,000 people were tricked into adding a fake download manager to their Chrome Browser.

The extension called “Chrome Download Manager” was available in the Chrome Web Store for three years before the experts at Bleeping Computer caught onto the tricky Malware.

According to them, it misdirected users to malicious sites and annoyed them with pop-ups encouraging them to download even more malware under the guise of being security patches and updates.

We should always be careful about anything we download, but an extension with 200,000 downloads has a bit of credibility. However, if you read the reviews closely, you would have noticed some warnings about the spammy behavior.

Frankly, there’s probably no reason to install an additional download manager for your browser. Browsers should be perfectly capable of handling downloads without the addition of extra software.

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