Pop Vs. Soda

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Ah the great debate of soft drinks, what generic word do you use to describe carbonated soft drinks? Do you call it pop? Do you call it soda? Do you call it Coke? Do you have something else you call it? Well this is the place to find out where you fit into the demographics.

You can fill out their survey and let your opinion be known. Your name and email address are not required, what they really need is the name of the hometown you grew up in and the zip code of that home town.

You can then view the results with the map at the top of the page. If you mouse over the words pop, soda, coke, and other, you can see the results displayed on the map or you can choose show all.

For very specific demographics of what carbonated soft drinks are called you can also view the map below the main map, and see the results by county. The map key is very important because it tells you the percentage of who calls their soft drink what.

To see what the people who answered the survey “other” filled in, click the link that says “View the Pop Vs. Soda Statistics”. This will take you to a page where you can view the results by State, choose the state you want to read the other’s for and you get a listing with percentages and the other things soft drinks are called.


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