Windows 11 – Good & Bad

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I asked readers to share their experiences upgrading to Windows 11. Mine, so far, have been seamless.

Here’s what you had to say:

From John:

When Windows 11 came along, I delayed installing it for a bit, but since I have not had any evil experiences with prior updates to a new version, I went ahead in spite of the people telling me not to. The installation gave me no trouble at all. I resumed the things I do without a hitch. LibreOffice behaved just fine in the new environment. I switched from Chrome to Edge, and find I like that better, in general, with less breathing down my neck by Google (except for the regular reminders that I can switch back if I want).

I cannot think of anything that gave me real trouble. Of course, having the taskbar centered was startling, but I soon learned I could move it back to the left. All the other options for task bar display that went away didn’t bother me.

It does seem as though Microsoft has become more active in trying to convert users to doing something in a new and different way. This shows up in the many notifications that come in. But I can handle that. And I think it may be a response to the other vendors whose ‘advertising’ often is annoyance when one is trying to get things done.

Wayne, on the other hand, is experiencing major issues:

I have had major problems with my two-year-old dell starting about a month after upgrading with bogy performance, freezing, and sometimes locking. I have worked with Dell and have tried removing and replacing windows 11 and Office 365 then finally a complete reset (with saving files) of laptop, but still have major performance problems. Seems to work for a week or so after each fix, then same problems start again. Wish I had never switched. My wife’s new laptop with windows 11 appears to work fine.

So what’s your experience with Windows 11 been like? Make sure to let me know in the comments.

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