How To Enlarge Facebook Marketplace Photos

A reader has a question about Facebook Marketplace

“Could you explain the easiest way to enlarge the photos of for-sale items on FB marketplace? It would be nice to have one setting that would apply to all future images.”

If you’re talking about images you’re posting of items for sale, your best bet would be to make sure you have your camera set to take high-resolution digital photos. They will automatically be larger in size.

If you have a smartphone, the size of the images you take will be under the settings for your camera app. If you’re using a non-smart-phone with a so-so camera, consider buying a lower-priced digital point-and-shoot that allows you to take larger photos.

You can enlarge an image simply using MS Paint. It will be bigger, but it might look blurry since the resolution won’t get any better.

Just open MS Paint and open your file. Then click the Resize button.

Then choose the percentage you wish to enlarge the image or type in the new size.

Resave the image and then upload it as usual.

If you have Photoshop, you can create an action that automatically enlarges all images to a specific size when you apply that action to a file.

Now, if what you wish to do is see a larger size of images that someone else has loaded, it’s another story. Images display at the resolution they’re uploaded.

Click or tap on an image to see it larger.

On a computer you can try adjusting the zoom on your browser to zoom in on the picture. On a phone, you can pinch and zoom to get a closer look. You could also right-click and save the image to your computer and then enlarge or zoom in on the picture.

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