Try Bing Wallpaper for beautiful desktop images

body of water during golden hour

Microsoft’s Bing search engine may not be everyone’s favorite way to search the web, but it doe supply some gorgeous images. Thanks to Microsoft’s Bing Wallpaper App, you can have a different free image as your desktop background every day.

Let’s look at how to get it. Start by clicking here to go to the Bing Wallpaper Page:

Click on Install now to add it to your PC.

Click on the file to launch in your Downloads folder.

When the installation permissions pop up, you’ll be given the option to make Bing your home page and default search engine. If that’s not something you want, uncheck those boxes before you click on Install.

When the installation finishes, click Finish.

Your desktop will now feature a beautiful Bing image that changes daily.

The Bing App will now display in your System Tray.
Click on it, and you’ll see information about the day’s wallpaper. Click the Previous arrow and you can switch your wallpaper back to the image from the day before.

Click the Share button to share the image with friends.

You can share via social media, email, or a link.
If you like a wallpaper, click Settings and untick the box next to Daily wallpaper refresh.

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