Krannert Art Museum and Kinkead Pavilion

This museum site is really cool. First of all it’s in the United States and for me it’s only a state or two away depending on how you drive to get there. Based in Champaign, IL, the Krannert Art Museum is also online for those of us who can’t travel there.

If you go to collection highlights you can view samples from each collection and get a taste for what they have there at the museum. I loved the Ceremonial Drum under “America – Pre-Columbian”. And under “Ancient Gandhara” there is the Buddhist Stele. There are tons of masterpieces that you can view here in this section. Can you find my favorite? It’s called “Suffering Softens Stone”.

You can also check out the Exhibit Archives for a taste of what kinds of things make their way through this museum. If you live near this museum, I’d even recommend going to visit it. I’m planning a visit there.

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