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How many Facebook pages have you liked? The answer might surprise you, and it might also lead to your feed being clogged with posts you really aren’t that interested in. Here’s how to find out which pages you like and how to manage them. These instructions are for using a browser.

Open up Facebook and click the Menu icon in the left panel.

Then scroll down and choose Pages.

Choose Liked Pages.

At the top of your list of Liked Pages, you’ll see a section for pages that have changed their names. This section can lead to some surprises. While there are legitimate reasons a page might change its name, sometimes scammers start pages and lure you in, then pull a switcheroo. For example, a page might claim to be for an RV giveaway, then change to a page promoting clothes or a controversial political agenda. You’ll definitely want to check those pages out before scrolling down to your liked pages.

If you find that you’ve accidentally liked a page or are just no longer interested in following, hover your mouse over the name of the page.

This window will appear. Liked will be blue to indicate you have liked the page. Click on it to unlike.

The button will now be a gray Like.

You can click on Sort to view pages by newest to oldest like.

This is a great way to clean up your Facebook feed.

3 thoughts on “Managing Facebook liked pages

  1. Hi Cyn,
    I recently opened an online bank account to pay bills which I was previously reluctant to do because of possible hacking issues. But, I cannot access the “Bill Pay” section, and their Tech Support department said the only way to do so is to disable “cross site tracking” on my Chrome account which I don’t want to do. I asked if they ever had this issue before and the answer was “no.” Have you heard anything like this before?
    Thanks, Pat

  2. Though I followed the directions as you provided, I don’t have a Like Pages option anywhere. In the search bar (noted with a magnify glass icon), I searched for like pages as well as other variations. Nothing displays ‘liked pages.’ Are there other options that you would suggest? Thank you

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