Don’t buy into this Facebook scam

scam alert letting text on black background

Another day, Another Facebook coupon scam. This one came in the form of a message from a relative. It claims that Kroger is giving way a $150 coupon to everyone.

Should you be foolish enough to click on the link, it takes you here. All you have to do is fill out a survey to get a free $150 coupon from Kroger.

Now, most of you probably know that a coupon offer like this is always a scam. What business could afford to give millions of people $150 just for clicking on a link? Other signs of a scam are that you must click right now or miss your chance. And look at the wording of the questions. “Is there a Kroger outlet near your youse premises?” Yep, just like people talk every day. Spoiler alert, whether you hit Yes or No, you’ll be taken to the same landing page.

By the way, check out the web address this lands on. Yep, I’m sure Kroger operates from a website called Seems legit.

Where folks following these foolish links will land is either on a site that will load up your device with malware or one where scammers will try to bilk you out of your information — hey, maybe they’ll do both!

What’s worse, is that these scams trick people into sharing them with friends and relatives. So, don’t share them. Legitimate coupon offers make sense. If it seems too good to be true, it is. If you see someone sharing this foolishness, let them know it’s fake.

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