What’s up with this scroll bar?

A reader is having an issue with a bothersome scroll bar.

“I hope you can solve a troublesome problem for me. A long progress bar appears across the bottom of my screen. I have not installed any new applications. It affects the horizontal aspect of the text but serves no purpose. It is active but should not be present. My o/s is 10/64. Thank you for all the advice and problem-solving help you give. You are a treasure.”

Thank you very much your kind words. There could be several reasons you’re seeing a horizontal scroll bar. The reason it appears is that the image or text you are viewing is too large to be fully viewed on your screen.

You don’t say if you see it everywhere on your PC or just when using a browser or reading email. If you see it only when reading the email, it could be that the text or images in the email are extra large and not displaying properly. If a text document doesn’t have word wrap enabled, that may cause you to see a horizontal scroll bar. Opening the viewing window to full-size may help or that could just be a side-effect of particularly large images in that particular email.

If you’re seeing it whenever you use your browser, try opening the browser to full size. This can also be a side-effect of zooming in on text or images. Try zooming out a bit on your browser. Find that option in the settings, or try pressing the Ctrl key and the – key to pull back a bit.

If you’re still seeing a scroll bar on the desktop, it may be because you’ve chosen an accessibility setting that’s zoomed in. Go to Settings and click on the vision options. See if you’ve enlarged text or zoomed in. You can also hide the scroll bar by going to Settings and then Accessibility. Under Visual effects, you can turn off Always show scrollbars. Type Always show scrollbars into your search box and click on the result. Then slide it to the off position.

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