Where can I find a driver for a retired printer?

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A reader needs help finding a driver for their printer:

“How can I get a driver for Canon printer MX410, Canon says it’s retired?”

Just because a printer is no longer manufactured doesn’t mean you can’t still find drivers and manuals for it. Cannon offers both for your model of printer on their support website at this link: https://www.usa.canon.com/support/p/pixma-mx410

To search for other models of canon printers, you can just search by the model number.

Just select what you need.

The site should automatically detect your operating system, or you can choose it from a drop-down Window.
However, in the case of your model, while you can still find the driver for previous versions of Windows, it doesn’t appear there’s a driver for Windows 11. You could try installing the Windows 10 driver but it’s possible your printer is just not compatible with Windows 11. Since it is a discontinued model, they likely won’t be updating the drivers.

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