Ransomware Malware Disguised as Security Update

photo of person typing on computer keyboard

Windows 10 users beware — there’s a new ransomware attack out there that sneaks onto computers disguised as a security update.

This new malware was discovered by security experts at HP. Called Magniber, it targets home users with crooks usually demanding around $2500 to unlock your PC.

According to HP, it starts when you land on a website controlled by crooks who put up what look like important alerts telling you that you need to update your security. They ask you to download a ZIP file that you must open to install the updates.

Remember, Windows updates should only be downloaded from Windows Updates located in the Settings area of your PC.

It’s also important that you back up all the important files on your computer to an external device or cloud location. This way, even if crooks get their malware on your PC, you won’t lose any files.

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