Should I disable cross-site tracking?

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A reader wants to know if she should follow tech support advice regarding her bank account:

“I recently opened an online bank account to pay bills which I was previously reluctant to do because of possible hacking issues. But, I cannot access the “Bill Pay” section, and their Tech Support department said the only way to do so is to disable “cross-site tracking” on my Chrome account, which I don’t want to do. I asked if they ever had this issue before and the answer was “no.” Have you heard anything like this before?”

Obviously, if they say they’ve never had this issue before and make a suggestion that you disable some of your security to fix it, I can see why that would cause some concern.

Before you consider disabling any protections in Chrome, I’d suggest you try simply clearing the cache by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Delete and choosing to delete cached images and files.

You could also try using your account in another browser like Edge. It might just get along better with a different browser.

If you want to test if this is really the problem, you can turn off the tracking protection just for your bank site.

Start by opening Chrome and clicking on Settings.

Then choose Privacy and security.

Select Cookies

Under customized behaviors, choose Sites that can always use cookies.

Click the Add button.

Add your banking site and click the Add button.

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