Netflix cracks down on password sharing

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If you routinely share your Netflix password with friends or family or someone is allowing you to use their password, you’ll want to check this out.

The company is set to crack down on password sharing in 2023 by charging a fee to use your password outside of your household.

The plan has already rolled out in parts of Latin America where account holders pay an extra $4 per month for each person outside the household who uses the password to the account.

It’s clearly spelled out in the Netflix terms of use that the account should be used by people “who live together in a single household.”

Anyone outside the household is a no-no.

How will Netflix know what’s going on? Well, they’ll keep track of the IP address that generally accesses the account and what devices typically log into it. When an IP address across town keeps coming up, or a new device suddenly shows up, they’ll get suspicious. Believe me, they have the technology.

The company says it also plans to make it easier for password borrowers to start their own accounts, “After listening to consumer feedback, we are going to offer the ability for borrowers to transfer their Netflix profile to their own account, and for sharers to manage their devices more easily and to create sub-accounts (“extra member”), if they want to pay for family or friends.

As of yet, the company has not released pricing details.

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