Printable Thanksgiving checklist

I host a big Thanksgiving feast every year and one of the keys to being able to pull it off successfully is a good checklist.  PBS offers a great resource to help you get ready for Turkey day.

Their Thanksgiving checklist features helpful ideas and a handy timeline to make sure there’s no last-minute panic on Thursday morning.


Your list is broken down by things to do three weeks out, two weeks out, one week out, the weekend before, and each of the days leading up to Thanksgiving.  It includes good advice like checking all of those seldom-used utensils and pieces of equipment ahead of time to make sure they’re still in working order. Great advice. (Ever been shopping for a turkey fryer on Thanksgiving Day?  I have.)  And don’t forget to check your fire extinguisher!

The article includes two easily printable checklists.

The handy menu cheat sheet allows you to plan out the prep, start, and stop time for each recipe and even pick the serving dish. It’s great for coordinating oven and stovetop traffic.


Check it out today and get started on planning your meal.

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