Some Scams to Watch Out For

Another day, another scam or two you should keep an eye out for. The first one turned up in my inbox as an email. It claims some account (it doesn’t say which) has been suspended. Though, I guess the PRIME in the fake case number is supposed to indicate it’s my Amazon Prime account. Note that attachment. If I didn’t think before I clicked, who knows how much malware I might have downloaded onto my device.

My husband received similar fake notices via both text and email the very same day. These crooks go into overdrive during the holiday season. Always be vigilant. If you think there could be an issue with your account, don’t click on anything in these messages. Open up a browser or app and go straight to your account to check.

The next scam is a Facebook post shared by a friend. It promises a chance for fabulous prizes for liking, sharing, and registering. A close look at the sloppy wording might be a clue this isn’t legitimate. Clicking on the link will take you to a nice malware-infested site.

Troy Landry is a real celebrity, but this wasn’t posted by his verified account. Contests like this are nearly always scams. When you share them, you’re just exposing your friends to malware.

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