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Yesterday, we started our look at TinyWow, a free site that offers tools you normally have to pay a hefty subscription fee to use. The site bills itself as “free tools to make everything simple” and they are telling the truth. Because it’s a web app, that means it works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and your phone or tablet. Click this link to read the article.

Today, we’ll learn all about the over 45 PDF tools available on the site. Just follow this link to head to the site: https://tinywow.com/

Click on PDF Tools.

Scroll down to check out all of the tools. You can also use the search box to find tools.

Let’s check out all of the tools and what they can do –

  • Merge PDF – Merge 2 or more PDF files into a single file.
  • Edit PDF – use this free PDF editor
  • Create PDF – free PDF creator
  • Compress PDF – reduce the size of a PDF file.
  • Unlock PDF- Remove the password from a PDF file (you must already have the password.)
  • Extract Images – download all the images from a pdf.
  • PDF to JPG- Convert a PDF to a JPG file and download the image.
  • Split PDF – Split a PDF into multiple files.
  • PDF to Excel – Convert a PDF to XLSX file.
  • Powerpoint to PDF – Upload a Powerpoint presentation and download as PDF
  • PDF to Powerpoint – Upload a PDF and download as a Powerpoint presentation.
  • Word to PDF – Convert a Word Document to PDF
  • PDF to Word – Convert a PDF to a Word Document
  • JPG to PDF – Upload images and download to PDF.
  • PNG to PDF – Upload PDFs and download PNGs.
  • PDF to PNG – Convert PDFs to PNG files
  • PDF Page Deleter – Remove pages from a PDF.
  • EPUB to PDF – convert an EPUB file to a PDF
  • PDF to EPUB – convert PDF to EPUB file
  • eSign PDF – esign a PDF with font or your signature
  • Crop PDS – crop your PDF
  • PDF to Text – convert a PDF to plain text
  • Rotate PDF – Totate one or more pages in a PDF
  • Protect PDF – add a password to PDF
  • PDF to CSV – extract tables from a PDF and convert to CSV
  • PDF to MOBI – convert PDF file to MOBI File
  • MOBI to PDF – convert a MOBI file to PDF
  • Rearrange PDF – rearrange the pages of a PDF file.
  • Add Numbers to PDF – add page numbers to a PDF file.
  • HEIC to PDF -Upload HEIC and download PDFs.
  • Annotate PDF – add annotations to your PDF
  • Images to PDF – add images to your PDF
  • Extract text from PDF – extract text from PDF
  • Add watermark to PDF – stamp an image over your PDF
  • WEBP to PDF – upload WEBP file and download PDF
  • PDF to TIFF – Convert a PDF to TIFF file.
  • TIFF to PDF – upload images and receive a PDF
  • GIF to PDF – upload GIF and download PDF.
  • EPS to PDF – upload EPS and receive a PDF
  • AZW3 to PDF – convert AZW3 files to PDF files.

To use the tool, just click on it.

Then you can upload or click and drag the file from your phone or computer.

You’ll find simple instructions for completing the task.

Free users will have to solve a captcha.

Your file is now ready to download.

You can also send it to another tool.

Your finished file will be available for one hour to download.

One thought on “TinyWow – Amazing free PDF Tools

  1. Cyn, you have long advised your readers that if they use a product/service for which they do not pay, THEY are the product. I have to wonder who is behind this suite of “free” tools, and why such resources are offered at zero cost (when they could easily charge a modest per-use or subscription fee). The answer to that might cause some of us to exclaim, “WHOA” instead of “WOW”. Just sayin’

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