Watch out for this rental scam

close up shot of bills

I thought I’d alert you about this rental scam that came across my Facebook feed recently. It promises an unbeatable deal on a beautiful home. Only $540 monthly for a pristine home with the ability to rent-to-own.

Your first clue is the cheap price, along with a link claiming to be related to HUD foreclosures and the statement that the home is eligible for Section 8. If you look closely, that ‘For Rent’ sign is pretty clearly Photoshopped.

Another clue to this being a fake is the profile of the ‘person’ who allegedly posted it. It’s a brand new page, not a person.

If you follow the link, you’ll end up here. At a site that claims to feature government-owned properties.

To view homes, you have to give them your private information. You also give them permission to robocall and text you with all types of offers.

You’ll probably also get targeted with a lot of other scammers. Be very wary about posts like this. Please don’t share them.

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