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TinyWow is a free site that offers tools you normally have to pay a hefty subscription fee to use. The site bills itself as “free tools to make everything simple,” and they are telling the truth. Because it’s a web app, that means it works with Windows, Mac, Linux, and your phone or tablet. Click here to learn more.

Today we’ll check out the over 50 video editing tools that are bound to make your life easier. Just follow this link to head to the site: https://tinywow.com/

Here’s what the main page looks like. There are over 100 free tools at your disposal.

Click on Video Tools.

Scroll down to view all of the video tools, or use the search box.

Here’s a list of available tools:

  • Instagram Download – Download video from Instagram
  • Compress Video – reduce the size of a video file.
  • TikTok Video Download – download video from TikTok
  • Facebook Download – download video from Facebook
  • Video to GIF – upload an MP4 and convert to an animated GIF
  • Twitter Download – download video from Twitter
  • Trim Video – change the start or stop point of a video.
  • Extract Audio – extract and save audio from a video.
  • Resize Video – Resize a video’s resolution.
  • MOV to MP4 – convert .mov file to .mp4
  • MP4 to MP3 – convert .mp4 to .mp3 file
  • Video to WebP – convert a video file to WebP
  • Mute Video – upload a video and remove sound.
  • MP4 to GIF – convert .MP4 to .GIF
  • MKV to MP4 – convert .mkv to .mp4
  • MOV to GIF – convert .mov to .GIF
  • AVI to MPR – convert .avi to .mp4
  • OGG to MP3 – convert .ogg to .mp3 audio
  • M4A to MP3 – convert .m4A to .mp3 audio
  • Audio to Text – transcribe audio to text.
  • MP4 to AVI – convert .mp4 to .avi
  • MPR to MOV – convert .mp4 to .mov
  • MOV to AVI – oncvert .mov to .avi
  • MOV to MP3 – convert .mov to .mp3
  • MP$ to WEBM – convert .mp4 to .WEBM
  • AAC to MP3 – convert .aac to .mp3 audio
  • GIF to MOV – convert animated .gif to .mov
  • GIF to WEBM – convert animated .gif to .webm
  • WEBM to MP4 p convert .webm to .mpg
  • MKV to MP3 – conver .mkv to .mp3 audio
  • MKV to AVI – convert .mkv to .avi
  • AVI to MOV – convert .avi to .mov
  • MP4 to WAV – convert .mp4 to .wav
  • Compress MOV – reduce the size of .mov file.
  • WEBM to MP3 – convert .webm to .mp3 file
  • M4A to WAV – convert .m4a to .wav
  • OGG to WAV – convert .ogg .wav
  • MKV to MOV – convert .mkv to .mov
  • MKV to GIF – convert .mkv to .gif
  • M4A to MP4 – convert .m4a to .mp4
  • ACC to MP4 – convert .acc to .mpr
  • Compress AVI – reduce the size of an .avi file
  • Compress MKV – reduce the size of a .mkv file
  • MP4 to OGG – convert .mp4 to .ogg audio
  • AVI to GIF – convert AVI to GIF
  • AVI to MP3 – convert .avi to .mp3
  • WEBM to MOV – convert .webm to .mov
  • AVI to MKV – convert .avi .mkv
  • ACC to M4R – convert .aac to .m4r audio
  • MOV to WAV – convert .mov to .wav audio
  • ACC to WAV – convet .aac to .wav audio
  • AAC to FLAC – convert .aac to .flac audio

Click on any tool to open.

Then follow the instructions.

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