Outlook Email Warning- Prepare to Lose OneDrive Space

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An important warning to users of Microsoft’s Outlook email. If you have an Outlook email address, attachments in your inbox will soon count against the amount of space you have on your OneDrive.

Previously email attachments did not count against your OneDrive space. Everyone with an Outlook address gets 5GB of storage space in OneDrive.

Folks who pay for Office programs with Microsoft 365 receive 1TB of drive space. There are also several paid storage options for OneDrive.

So if you’re someone with a lot of photos, documents, or other attachments sitting in your emails, your drive space could fill up fast. This change goes into effect February 1, 2023.

Now is a good time to give your inbox a thorough cleaning to either delete attachments you no longer need and to download ones you wish to save before deleting old emails.

One thought on “Outlook Email Warning- Prepare to Lose OneDrive Space

  1. Regarding the article “Outlook Email Warning – Prepare to lose OneDrive Space”; does this only affect my inbox or does it also affect my sent folder, archive folder and a bunch more folders I have created and have pictures and attachments in?
    Thanks for your help, Judi

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