Foreign Language Pop-Ups

yelling formal man watching news on laptop

A reader is experiencing an unusual pop-up problem.

“How to get rid of so many pop-up ads. And when I’m typing something, I get a pop-up in a foreign language. And sometimes, when I’m typing, the screen deletes what I’m typing, and I have to start all over again.”

If you’re getting pop-ups in a foreign language, it may indicate that there’s some type of unwanted adware installed on your computer or added as an extension to your browser.

I’d suggest running your security software and also Malware Bytes if you have it installed. I’d also suggest checking to see if there are any new apps installed on your PC. Type Add or remove programs into your search box and click on the results.

Under Installed apps, click on the drop-now arrow next to Sort by.

Choose Date installed from the dropdown menu.

Look for any suspicious programs that may have been recently installed.

If you spot an unwanted program, click the three-dot icon next to it and choose uninstall.

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