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A reader has a bit of good advice for me.

“Good morning, I have noticed in your articles the presence of undescribed letters i.e. GPS, RAM etc. While in the Defense Dept., I had it drummed into me that when writing, always describe an alphabeted abbreviation with it’s full meaning the first time i.e. ABC (alcoholic beverage control) then use the abbreviation throughout the rest of the story. I don’t know if that is taught in writing class today but while in service that was part of my entry education. Just a suggestion. Thanks for your articles and have a happy and prosperous New Year.”

That’s a great piece of advice. Sometimes when you use terminology a lot, you forget there are people who aren’t familiar with it at all.

For those occasions when folks like me forget to explain acronyms, I’ve got a great site that can help. It’s called “All Acronyms”

It boasts an amazing number of acronyms and abbreviations that it offers definitions for. A whopping 4,121,000 covering over 2,000 topics! 

This site is an awesome resource to bookmark for future reference! Whenever you need to look up an acronym or abbreviation you can just come back to it and type it into the search field at top of the page. 

When you arrive at the site you’ll notice the search field is in the center of the page, just above Daily Top 5 and Just Searched.

You also have the option of browsing acronyms and abbreviations by scrolling down and browsing topics like Business, Military, Technology, and Medical. There’s even an acronym generator.

This site is filled with definitions for acronyms and abbreviations, go check it out for yourself today!

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