Art Geek

I found an awesome new search engine made for art lovers. Art Geek will help you find art exhibitions at more than 1100 museums across the United States.

Once you get to the site, you can either click to start exploring or sign up for their bi-weekly newsletter to be notified of special events and announcements.

You can search by location, dates, or the type of exhibit, artist, or art you’d like to see.


When I searched for exhibits in Chicago, I got a large number of results.


Art Geek gave me the option of filtering the exhibits in multiple ways, which is really nice.


Create an account and you can bookmark your favorite exhibits to make travel planning easy. You can also check out exhibits from the editors’ picks.

Click on any exhibit and you’ll find a description of the exhibit, links to the museum, and info on how to get tickets if they’re required. This site is a great resource for art lovers and for travelers.

Click here to check it out:

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