Facebook: Delete or Deactivate your account

Here’s a quick tip on how to permanently get rid of your Facebook accounts. The process takes around 14 days from the time you submit.

First, log into your Facebook page in a browser and then follow this link:


You’ll end up on this page that explains your options. If you’d like to keep the ability to use Messenger, you can always choose to deactivate your Facebook account. You can leave it alone or reactivate it later if you choose to decide you want Facebook back at a later date.

You’ll also see the option to download your photos and posts so you won’t lose them forever. There’s even an option to transfer your posts to another service. Remember, any pages that you are the sole administrator of will be lost if you delete your account.

However, you can add another user as an administrator before you permanently delete your account. If you’re sure you want to deactivate the account, hit the blue delete button at the bottom –

One thought on “Facebook: Delete or Deactivate your account

  1. Cyn, before I make this move, do I need to delete Messenger? I checked online, and the answers I read don’t match what I see when I am on Messenger

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