Despicable Facebook Scam

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I’ve warned you recently that scammers are increasingly targeting groups with their garbage, and here’s a fine example of their dirty work.

This post appeared in a group based in my hometown that’s set up for people who used to work for the N&W Railroad. It claimed that a woman’s 89-year-old father had disappeared with her 6-year-old daughter, and the family were desperately searching for the man.

Worried residents of the area began sharing it immediately. I was suspicious and guess what? This fake person shared the same post in a group in Canada using the name Yolanda Dillion.

Scammers know posts like this are likely to get shared and raise their visibility in groups to post other garbage. When I clicked on the name of the person who shared the post, I learned they were actually a newly created page that claimed to be a magazine.

It’s better only to share missing persons posts that come directly from law enforcement agencies.

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