Where are my Gmail Contacts?

A reader wants help locating their contacts and address book in Gmail.

In Gmail, Contacts and Address book are one and the same. By default, Gmail automatically creates contacts for you based on messages you send, but you can edit them.

Click the little square of dots at the top right and choose contacts.

In the right panel, you’ll see Contacts, which lists people you’ve added to the list. Frequently Contacted, and Other contacts, which is pretty much anyone you’ve emailed with Gmail.

google contacts.jpg


To add a new contact, click on the big + Sign.

Then add your information.


An even quicker way is to simply hover the cursor over the name of the person sending you an email until you get a box showing their information. Then click Add to contacts.

If you want to make sure that Gmail automatically adds someone to contacts every time you send an email, click the gear symbol in the upper right of your inbox and select See all setttings from the drop-down menu.

Under the General tab, scroll down to Create contacts for auto-complete and tick the box beside it.


I hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “Where are my Gmail Contacts?

  1. Interesting…I don’t have an arrow next to ‘GMAIL.’ Instead, I have nine dots in the upper right corner; clicking on them gets me a list of Google Apps, and when I click on it I get an array of apps and can click on Contacts…. [I tried to include pics from the snipping tool, but couldn’t figure out how.]

    John Anderson

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