The wonders of Wordpad

Every now and again, I like to remind you about great programs that come built right into Windows.  One of the best is Wordpad. A subscription to Office 365 or a one-time purchase of Office or Word can be expensive. And let’s face, it. Word can be unnecessarily complicated to use.  Seriously, look at that top ribbon in Word! Think there are enough options?

Wordpad offers you a simple, basic word processor that’s capable of handling most everyday tasks. Let’s check it out. Type Wordpad into your search box and click on the result.

Wordpad will open. Slightly more simple interface, right?

Open a new document and you’ll see that you have the standard choices for font and font size.


Just click the drop-down menu to change.


There are options to make the text Bold, Italic and Underlined as well as Strikethrough and Subscript and Superscript Options. Plus color options.


You’ll see formatting options for Indentations, Lists & Bullet Points and Line Spacing.


Plus your choice of Left, Center, Right and Justified alignment.


You can also insert pictures into your document, add Date &  time and insert objects.

It also offers editing options like Find, Replace and Select all.


Click on File and choose Page setup for various template options.


You’ll find standard page sizes and options for printing envelopes as well.


Give it a try. You may find it’s all you need.

4 thoughts on “The wonders of Wordpad

  1. As usual; Thank you Thank you! One thing about using a computer, you discover that you turn into a curious investigator. You discover things, which is part of learning. I love word pad. When I type a recipe I love the time and date feature. A great personal option to take advantage of. Also I like it so much I start out at the beginning of personalizing my computer and go to start menu and find word pad there and R click on the program icon and get the “to do” message pop up at the side. You can pin it to the task bar to make it convenient to use.

  2. I used to use Word Pad all the time some time ago and loved it. Then it changed somewhat. You used to be able to hit the Enter key and it would single space. Now it double spaces. I know you can change that but it doesn’t stay that way. Every time you type a new message, it goes back to a double spacing – ridiculous. Is there any way to keep it at single spacing without having to change it every time you type a new document?

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