Two Scams To Watch Out For

close up shot of dice on a gray surface

I’ve got a couple of scams I spotted this week, that you should watch out for. The first one came via a message from a friend that claimed that someone I knew died in an accident along with a link to find out more.

Text stating "He died in an accident, I think you know him"  with a link.

This is a fairly common scam counting on the fact that you’ll tap the link quickly before you have time to think about it and be redirected to a site that’s ready to download malware onto your device. In this case, scammers hacked my friend’s account and sent this message to everyone she knew. Fortunately, most of us figured out something was up and alerted her. Remember, always think before clicking.

The second was a housing scam. This one claiming unbelievably low prices for pet-friendly low-income houses in beautiful neighborhoods. Scams like these usually try to trick you into putting up deposits up front for houses that either don’t exist or aren’t for rent. Neighborhood groups are a favorite target for these crooks. Please don’t fall for it.

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