Windows 11 mouse options

You have several options for adjusting the look and behavior of your mouse pointer and mouse in Windows 11. Let’s check them out.

Let’s start by typing Mouse settings into the search box and clicking on the results.

Your first choice is to set the primary button for your mouse. By default, it’s the left button, but lefties or those with dexterity issues may want to make it the right.

You can also choose whether using the scroll wheel moves you multiple lines or an entire screen at a time.

If you choose to scroll multiple lines, you can move the slider bar to adjust how many lines you move when scrolling.

You can select between 1 and 100 lines. If you find scrolling often gets away from you, go with a low number. If you have to get through a very long document, you may wish to set it higher. Lastly, you have the relatively new option of scrolling inactive windows by hovering over them.

Here’s how it works: If I wanted to watch a video while scrolling through a long document, I could just open the windows side by side and hover over, but not click inside the document and move the scroll wheel. If you worry you might accidentally scroll something, you may want to turn that off.


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