3 New Features Coming to Windows 11

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Microsoft is promising “big” changes to Windows 11 with its next update. Let’s check out three that caught our eye.

Tabs for Windows Notepad

One of the biggest changes ever to the dependable Notepad program – it’s getting tabs! According to Microsoft: ” Notepad tabs will provide a quick and easy way to keep your data organized and enable you to switch between notes so you can create ready-to-compile code without formatting issues. Simply open the Notepad app and click the + icon to create a new tab.”

Here’s what the new Notepad will look like:

Screen Recording in Snipping Tool

The handy snipping tool gets a new feature that you previously had to go into gaming mode to access – screen recording. When the feature goes live, just launch Snipping Tool and hit the “record” button.

Phone Link Comes to iPhones

The Phone Link app is expanding from Android to also include iPhones. The new Phone Link for iOS allows you to answer calls, receive messages, and access your iCloud right from your PC.

Windows insiders can preview the new app by clicking here.

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