Make Windows 11 easier to navigate

If you find keeping track of where you are on the screen in Windows 11 to be a challenge, I’ve got some simple adjustments that can make it easier to follow the pointer and cursor.

In the left column, choose Mouse Pointer & Touch into the search box and click on the results.

Drag the handle next to Size to change the size of the cursor.

The cursor will change in realtime as you adjust it.

To change the syle of the pointer, click on the box showing the style you prefer.

You can also

For easier use of touchscreens, make sure that touch indicator is turned on. Ticking the box next to Make the circle darker and larger will make it even easier to see where you’re moving on a touch screen.

One thought on “Make Windows 11 easier to navigate

  1. You may also access entire “themes” from settings, devices, mouse, “additional mouse options” (upper right). There are several to browse. See all the choices on the tabs across the top of the properties window. I use a “pointer set” with heavier outlines because I have rather poor vision. Also In this window, you may choose to have the pointer “flash” when you press the CTRL key, which is handy if you have lost the sucker (again). Another handy choice is to have the pointer automatically move to the default option in a dialog box. You will want that option more often than not, and it saves moving the pointer over there. I find this whole array of options to be much easier to navigate than the other possibilities (“ease of access”). These choices have been available in pretty much this format since Win95, so you will be able to find it if you are still using an earlier version. But, speaking of “ease of access,” if you select the option to use the numeric keypad for moving and clicking the pointing device (about which I previously commented, and it was developed into an article), your pointer “theme” will be the same as if you are using the mouse/trackball.

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