Trying Out the New Bing

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Microsoft’s Bing search engine has some new AI-assisted capabilities. Let’s check them out. If you have Windows 11, you should notice a Bing icon in your search box. What’s special about this AI assistant? Let’s try an experiment. First, I’ll ask the Google Assistant on my phone to help me plan a dinner party for six people. My helpful Google Assistant returns search results and other suggested questions.

To use the new Bing, click in your search box to start.

Then I can click to get started.

First, I’ll pick a conversation style. I can be creative, balanced, or precise.

Then, let’s ask the same question.

Here are the AI-assisted Bing results. Bing offers step-by-step instructions along with helpful links.

Not exactly earth-shattering, but pretty interesting. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

One thought on “Trying Out the New Bing

  1. Hi Cyn, Interesting that this week you’d write about Bing and AI, a person who wanted to delete Edge/Bing, and the Grandparents Scam. There have been recent articles and news about risks of AI (also ChatGPT and TikTok) and vulnerabilities. There was also an interview of a mom who received a scam kidnappng call for ransom that had her daughter’s exact voice which was created by AI. I know we have to be cautious but AI has many people concerned. Thank you.

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