Can I Remove AI from Bing?

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A reader has a question about the new Bing search and its use of artificial intelligence.

“I heard some negative things about AI and Chat GPT, and if this uses the same technology and has the same risks, I’d like to know how to delete it, but I guess there’s no option.”

A lot of folks have negative feelings about the use of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence isn’t really a thing but a field of study that works on ways to provide computers with the a large amount of data to help them solve problems more efficiently. Computers have always been about solving problems faster than people, starting with doing financial transactions.

The risks of depending entirely on something like Chat GPT or Bing’s AI are that it could come to the wrong conclusion based on the facts available and you might choose to just go with whatever the program says that look into things yourself. Of course, there’s the danger of people becoming lazy and letting AI-powered programs do the all of their work. The work can get sloppy and the humans aren’t learning anything.

But, to your question, you can’t remove Bing from your PC because it’s not a program. It’s just a search engine that’s available. And you’ll find that Google also employs multiple AI technology to provide search results. So there’s really no getting away from this new technology — the key is to keep using your natural intelligence to assess the information given to you by artificial intelligence.

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