Watch Out for this Email Scam

black and gray digital device

I opened up my inbox to find this scammy warning. It claimed that Microsoft would stop processing my incoming emails because I failed to verify my account. In fact, my account would be disconnected at midnight if I did not immediately click on their scammy little link.

Everything about this is a red flag. For one, that’s not the type of font you’d see in an official Microsoft email. The grammar is off and there’s that pesky sense of immediacy that says you have to act right away or lose everything.

To their credit, they are persistent. I had at least 5 emails warning me of the dire consequences. As always, stop and think for a few minutes when you get a notice like this. Look it over carefully. We have to be vigilant. Clicking on that Verify button would not doubt either dump a bunch of malware onto my PC or lead to a site that tricks you into entering your email and password.

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