Bing Search in Windows 10

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You may have noticed a new search bar for Bing Search powered by AI on your Windows 10 Desktop. To keep the search bar, just click on OK or click Turn off to get rid of it.

If you didn’t turn it off, but would like to, just click the 3-dot icon at the right of the search bar. Untick the box next to Auto-launch search bar, and it won’t pop up when you open your computer.

One thought on “Bing Search in Windows 10

  1. Thanks for ALL your good reporting, Cyn! Interestingly, I’m using Windows 11 with Edge as my browser and DuckDuckGo as my search engine. When I open a new tab, I get the Bing toolbar but I don’t get the three dots where I can change settings. I’ve got a screenshot but I don’t see a way to send it….

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